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Free Download The Sims 4: Realm of Magic


The Sims 4: Realm of Magic for PC is the eighth expansion pack for the simulation game that seemingly has no end with four major core games, and almost endless expansion packs spread across these. This pack introduces two new locations: Glimmerbrook and the Magic Realm, as well as packing in even more in the form of additional extras for your characters to get to grips with.

About the Game

Obviously, the focus of this game is magic, and it focuses heavily on a new life state: namely, spellcasters. This pack is a follow-on from three previous game packs, The Sims: Makin’ Magic, Sims 2’s Apartment Life and Sims Three’s Supernatural.

In this version, spellcasters can acquire familiars, so if your dream has always been to be a witch with the cleverest cat on the block, now is your chance! But cats might seem a little – well – tame when you see that your familiar can be a fairy or a dragon, just to name two! Your access the magical world by stumbling across a portal leading there and can wander around the neighbourhood and explore for a while if you like.

Once you have settled in, you can begin to master your craft by taking lessons, completing quests and studying arcane lore. You can learn how to make people fall in love, how to live forever and even remove unwanted curses from your own Sim or others.

Indulge your inner fashion mystic by tailoring your Sim’s clothes to suit their new calling. There are a range of outfits from over the top spectral to mysterious subdued and hard to pin down, perfect for creating just the right image that you desire.

Glimmerbrook and the Magic Realm

No magical world is complete without a magical forest, and Glimmerbrook provides this for you, with a magical mountainous and natural forest right on the neighbourhood’s doorstep. Deep within the forest you will find a portal which will lead into the heart of the Magic Realm. Get to know some of the inhabitant of Glimmerbrook – you might find that they have answers you didn’t know you needed!

The Magic Realm

This is a hidden ‘bubble’ world that can be accessed through the top of a waterfall in Glimmerbrook (or by using a piece of Glimmerstone assuming you know the words of the spell and have a piece of the stone). The Magic Realm contains a small, partly destroyed town, and an awfully large bit of void, and the day-night cycle is somewhat unusual!

There are three types of magic (Practical magic, Untamed magic, and Mischief magic) and each has its own master sage, all of whom live in Magic HQ, where they are visited by all sorts of spellcasters. Including you!

The rest of the Magic Realm consists of a marketplace where you can top up with your supplies, gardens where you can gather herbs and plants to make potions and spells – but you cannot get into the greenhouse, where perhaps some truly rare and wonderful plants may grow? – and duelling grounds where you can challenge or be challenged by other spellcasters.

New Features to Look Out For

  • Cauldrons – you can buy cauldrons in buy mode, or receive one free from the mystery man on arrival in the neighbourhood. You can find adult and children’s cauldrons
  • Magic Brooms – the best form of transportation for witches as they ‘recharge’ their powers faster while using one. They are fast and reliable, and you can also get children’s versions that come with training wheels
  • Spell Books – one of the items receiving an upgrade for this version of the magical game, your spell book is a permanent interface, somewhat like your inventory, detailing all the instructions you need for your spells. Spells and potions not yet mastered are greyed out until you are ready to learn their arts
  • Wands – in this expansion pack you do not actually need a wand as you can cast spell with your hands, but there are a variety of wands available to buy or gather. Your familiar, when sent out to look for resources may occasionally find a wand that you can then use
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