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Free Download The Sims 4: Get Famous


The Sims 4: Get Famous is the latest expansion pack for the engaging Sims series: a range of mostly sandbox games where you control your sims to live out their best (or worst) life according to your caprices. It is the sixth expansion pack for Sims 4. There are almost one hundred different Sims games and expansion packs to play through, so your Sims world can be as big and comprehensive as you like!

About the Game

In this edition, the goal is to make your Sim (your playing avatar) become famous. There is a traditional route to fame: your character can take full advantage of the brand-new acting career options, but there are also less traditional but fairly realistic paths to fame. These include uploading videos, using social media to grow your fan base, releasing music or trying your hand at comedy.

You can even become more of a local celebrity by hanging around at the right coffee shops rather than actually doing anything. The quickest way to achieve your goals though, is to attend and win auditions – all the while keeping your fitness high and being charismatic besides.

You have to keep your fame levels high by performing tasks that will keep you in the eye and mind of the public, but this can become something of a double-edged sword.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

When your fame levels get too high, you will find yourself getting swarmed by paparazzi all the time. This can become very frustrating especially if you are trying to grow a community Sim family alongside your acting (or whatever source of fame you are chasing) career, as your family activities are also swamped by the press, to the point that you cannot actually enjoy raising your children or enjoying a meal with your partner.

However, unlike in Sims 3, when the growing fame tainted your family members and friends, with no way to stop it, in this game, you can switch off your fame with the click of a button when it gets too much for you, or when you have had enough of the high life.

This is not to say that the whole family cannot embrace fame if they want to: you can all work hard and cash in on a Kardashian-style level of fame in which the whole family enjoys a high measure of celebrity.

Get Famous for Being as Bad as You Like!

There are twin measures: fame and reputation, and they aren’t as closely linked as they might be in real life. This means you can have a terrible reputation for starting bar fights, shoplifting or other nefarious deeds, but this will not necessarily make you more or less famous: Likewise being famous doesn’t impact on your reputation unless you perform acts that will enhance it: picking fistfights, committing crimes, or even just being nice to people.

Fun Things to Watch out For

  • Hot Spots, the place to be. Your fame-hungry sim needs to be seen in the right places so find out where the place to be is, and go grab a coffee there. Keep an eye on the prices, though, hot spots tend to be the most expensive cafes and restaurants in town – nice bit of real-world accuracy there!
  • You can develop annoying or quirky traits as a sim. Watch your phone usage, or you’ll be branded a ‘phone addict’. You can be an addict – but to juice rather than anything nastier – or you can demand that no one touches you. These quirks can add to both your reputation and your fame levels
  • You don’t have to get famous for acting or just being seen in the right place. Work your way up in the industry as a self-employed social media star, making and uploading videos and so on, to grow a more intimate audience
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    Free Download The Sims 4: Get Famous
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