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Free Download The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle


The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle for PC is the 9th full expansion pack for the fourth Sims game, in a long-running series that seems to have no natural ending in sight. For this version, you can explore new areas, as always, or you can overlay the eco factors into your existing Sims 4 areas and lifestyles – and some of them might not be as green as you might like to think!

What’s New?

Sims Go Green could have been an equally accurate title for this game in which your sims discover the joys of recycling, dumpster diving and generally living off the grid. Each area on the map is awarded one of three possible statuses: Industrial, Neutral or Green. The aim is to keep your green areas green, and shift your neutral and industrial areas into green, or as close as possible – and it is not just your game playing creds that are at stake.

If you leave your sim in and unchecked industrial area – which looks awful, with litter everywhere, dirt and choking black smoke spewing from factory chimneys – they will become ill from the pollution, suffering from, amongst other things prolonged coughing fits.

This can also have an impact if you play the game using previously acquired mansions, luxury cars, and heated swimming pools – all of which are massive power drains and which will hit you in the ecological conscience whenever you are trying to host a pool party or inviting all your friends over for a private showing in your home movie theatre!

Just as in real life, making meaningful change in your neighbourhood is tricky, takes time and can be undone with just one or two thoughtless actions. Your sims must invest in one-off (but quite expensive) purchases of equipment, such as dew-collectors (for water gathering), solar panels and wind-turbines (for the provision of power) and – most expensive and arguably the most useful – a fabricator (essentially a massive 3D printer.) Using these pieces of equipment will cost your sim at first, but over time as their reliance on the grid and associated fossil fuels falls they will represent a reduced bill – and ultimately even produce enough water, power and goods to sell the surplus on, making some of that investment back with the reassurance of it being ecologically sound.

Interesting points

The clothing that your sims wear reveal rather too much about the game developers, perhaps. They are all very much modern-hippie/ grunge, with rather an overemphasis on denim patchwork and baggy pants and skirts! There are also a great new range of hairdos (including vibrant colours), piercings, tattoos and other ways that your sim can express their individuality, even before they embrace the recycled clothing you bring to them!

Your sim can improve their green rating even more by using appropriate materials and methods to renovate or rebuild – for example, dismantling an old building to reuse the bricks and wood, instead of smashing it all down with a wrecking ball.

Your sim can rebel, if they want to, refusing to go green, clinging to the use of fossil fuels and building factories, running generators and much more. This will have an impact on the neighbourhood, casting a pall of grime and pollution where there was none before!

It’s All About the Community!

Community is given great importance in this expansion pack, with community hubs to be found at marketplaces, market gardens and ‘maker spaces’ – sims tend to congregate here when there is little else going on.

Your home and that of your neighbours all works to raise or lower the eco rating, so you may often find yourself using your impassioned influence to persuade unenthusiastic neighbours into using green products, switching fuel sources and so on. You can earn greed cred for yourself and help them out by helping to fix up their home.

Neighbourhood Action Plans (NAPs) are motions raised that will affect the greenness of the area, and each sim has a vote. However, if you are popular and well-followed, fellow sims will follow your urging and vote your way – so be nice to everyone, just in case you need their back-up in the future!

As mentioned above, this fun new world is fairly realistic about the effort that must go into changing the status quo – but when you pull it off, you feel a real surge of accomplishment!

New Places to Live

The three new areas on the map are:

  • Port Promise – in which everything is pretty green, and the thriving community works hard to keep it that way
  • Grim’s Quarry – as the name implies, a little bit industrial, and in need of a spruce up
  • Conifer Station – the middle ground, a sort of dormitory suburb, just waiting for you to come and liven things up!
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