The Sims 4: Discover University Free Download

Free Download The Sims 4: Discover University


Sims 4: Discover University for PC is the eighth large expansion pack for the popular game and it allows your Sims to get themselves into tertiary education and have some fun along the way.

About the Game

This pack opens up the world of Britechester, where they can choose between two universities: University of Britechester and the Foxbury Institute. The latter, a prestigious fifty-year-old university with a modern and up-to-date campus, is sponsored by the subtly named Landgraab family who have featured in previous Sims games.

Your Sim moves onto campus (or gets an off-campus apartment, if they prefer) and signs up for classes – more about those below – and they can enjoy a full and realistic college experience, playing juice pong, planning and executing stunts and high-fiving the campus mascot whenever their paths cross.

Along with college life comes a range of new items not previously needed or mentioned. These include bathroom stalls, bicycles on which your Sim can travel around campus to be sure of getting to class on time, drones so your Sim can document their university experience by recording footage and taking photographs to send to the News Channel – they can also make skill videos or travel videos depending on their area of interest.

Fun New Features

Your Sim can, like every college-age student, make foolish decisions and get tattoos and facial piercings. They can also enjoy shower woohoo if they want to – um – keep it clean!

Roommates, which have been a feature in other Sims games, return with a unique twist, giving your Sims new best friends for life. If you really like your roommate, you can get together with them romantically. And perhaps try out some of that shower time woohoo?

There are new options in the secret society tab for this expansion pack, with new ornate lots appearing to those Sims who are in the know and who have passed the initiation rites and can see the secret lot that houses the society. Most societies come pre-loaded with various members, and your Sim can join in with their antics, oppose their plans, or even come up with better ideas themselves.

Choice of Degrees

Your Sim has a choice of three degrees that will aid them with their future career. These are:

  • Education: getting a degree in education is an excellent way for your Sim to get their feet onto the teaching career pathway. With the right degree he or she can even avoid the first few onerous steps of the teaching route, skipping classroom assistant and playground monitoring tasks and getting straight
    into the meat of leading a class towards understanding and acquiring knowledge
  • Law: every lawyer needs a degree, and getting theirs will open up a wide range of jobs to your Sim. From humble beginnings as a filing clerk, your Sim can rise up through the ranks, detouring reception work and legal secretary all the way up to ‘The Law’ when your have complete mastery over the criminals who are brought before you, recommending rehabilitation or punishment as you see fit!
  • Engineering: not only is engineering a new career path and new degree subject in the game, but there are other specialisms too, for example, robotics is a new skill introduced for this game. Engineering is a massive field, and giving your Sim an engineering degree will allow them to work in almost any industry they care to name!
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    Free Download The Sims 4: Discover University
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