The Sims 4 Cottage Living Free Download

Free Download The Sims 4 Cottage Living


The Sims 4: Cottage Living for PC is the eleventh expansion pack for the incredibly popular Sims 4 game, not counting the eighteen ‘stuff’ packs and ten game packs and four kit packs that have been released to keep players happily entertaining their Sims. This time, your Sims are all about the quiet country life.

About the Game

The brand-new village of Henford on Bagley (new to the game, anyway, it is a well-established, old fashioned English village that has been there for thousands of years, or would have been if it wasn’t fictional) introduces your Sims to the small subsistence type of farm life.

Your Sims can grow crops as diverse as pumpkins, eggplants and watermelons, and breed animals like llamas, cows, chickens and bunnies. The latter do need protecting from the local foxes though, so don’t expect country living to be too soft and easy!

The local pub, the Gnome Arms, invites your Sims to have a cosy pint after a busy day’s work. Or perhaps they would prefer to walk around the village green, or stroll along the stream that runs through the village? The braver Sims might want to take a cheeky skinny dip in the watering hole, a popular spot for swimming.

You can enter your livestock or finest vegetables in the weekly Finchwick Fair and see how you measure up against the rest of the village! A blue ribbon of excellence is just waiting for you along with accolades and praise from your neighbours – those who aren’t seething with jealousy, that is!

Get milk from cows, wool from your llamas, and eggs from your chickens. Or, if that seems a bit tame, try domesticating the local wild bunnies and birds who will visit and give you cool little gifts – except for the foxes who will, as mentioned above, nick your eggs and do other mischief!

What’s New?

In this game, being sociable earns you points, as the locals appreciate a little help and like having errands run for them, and this is good for your Sims’ interactions in the village. You can earn brownie points, actual cash, and gain valuable information by running these errands so embrace your Sims’ extrovert side and get them out there!

Gardening and cooking have come along for the ride – having been a feature in other Sims 4 expansion packs, albeit with suitable improvements, of course, such as growing really big veg, and teaching children how to garden. Yes, you can get the kids outside working and making money for you! But, of course, the big USP of this game is the farming, for which Sims afficionados have been begging for ages!

Check out the Simply Living Challenges which encourage frugality, such as only using ingredients you already have and reducing waste in every way you can. When you check out this game, don’t be too complacent about bits of the game that look familiar to life-long Sims 4 fans: there are many new challenges and different mechanics to master this time around! You can sell extra crops and resources in town for some extra cash.

Just for Fun

You can customise your animals in a number of ways. Let us take a look:

  • Dye your cows in a range of shades. They can even be multicolour
  • Dressing up your llamas in adorable, patterned sweaters. Nothing so cute could possibly spit… could they?
  • All the best British bunnies will never be seen in polite society without their smart waistcoats
  • Chickens might look grumpy up close, but even they love wearing their prettiest bonnets to keep off the sunshine
  • Oh, and by the way… Grumpy Mrs Crumplebottom is back! For those who don’t know her, she is a very prudish old lady who really doesn’t like PDAs! Get your Sims kissing and cuddling in front of her and see if she’s mellowed!

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    Free Download The Sims 4 Cottage Living
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