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Free Download Star Wars: Battlefront II


Star Wars: Battlefront 2 for PC is an action shooter video game in which the player must work their character’s way through the Star Wars universe, aided by friendly aliens and Jedi, and pursued and battling with the Sith, the Empire and other enemies.

About the Game

The player can choose from a number of playable characters, all well known and beloved in the movie franchise of the same name. These include Luke Skywalker, Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando, Yoda and Rey amongst many others.

There is a full story arc making the single player mode as immersive and addictive as the multiplayer modes, of which there are many. In single player, the characters must progress along the story arc, to avoid the trap laid by the villain, Emperor Palpatine who wants to lure the Resistance out of hiding and into his clutches. The Imperial Special Forces commandoes declare readiness to battle, but they have underestimated the passion of the rebels.

There are eleven multiplayer modes, some of which are time limited. Pursue Storm Troopers to the death whereupon they will respawn as your fellow Ewok, face off two on two, heroes versus villains with no respawn capability until the game is over or go big: twenty attackers versus twenty offenders playing over thirteen planets in a huge bid to succeed.

Other multiplayer modes include exercises that will stretch your playing capability as far as possible, with speed, attack and defence each being showcased in turn, or melded together for an exciting showdown that will leave you breathless and hopefully victorious!

Expansion packs and updates have transformed the game, adding new characters, areas and new modes of multiplayer game play. Keep checking back in to see if new features have been added so you can continue to keep playing your beloved game.

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Free Download Star Wars: Battlefront II
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