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Orcs Must Die! 3 for PC is an action game heavily involving tower defence. The game is the fourth in the Orcs Must Die! Series and is the direct sequel to Orcs Must Die! 2, picking up the action 20 years after Orcs Must Die! 2 ends. The full series is: Orcs Must Die!; Orcs Must Die! 2, Orcs Must Die: Unchained (perhaps the least successful of the series), and now this one, which aims to return the game to its heyday. And in that it succeeds nicely.

About the Game

You play the character of one of several apprentice mages, who are part of The Order. The Order is a group of wizards and warriors who must use all the weapons and special skills and traps they can to defeat the hordes of orcs that endlessly try to access Rifts. Rifts are openings or portals between this (the human) world and Dead World which is a source of magical energy upon which wizards (and the general population ultimately) rely.

You must lay out a series of traps in your newly purchased dungeon (or a field, if your fancy takes you that way), aiming to take out as many orcs as you can with the traps. You are aided in this by the flow of ‘ghost orcs’ which show you which way the real orcs will go when they arrive. This helps you to position the traps, so you can aim them to an area where they will do the most damage.

But don’t make your traps too lethal! Not straight away at least. Getting the orcs to trigger the whole series of traps boosts your combo points nicely and the more traps they trigger, the better for your score card in the long run.

There is also a level of slapstick hilarity to the orcs triggering of the traps – including overkill types like the brightly coloured acid geyser trap and the saw blade launcher (which can be aimed once you learn the way the bouncing saw blades will ricochet) – they are flung high in the air in a cartoonish way that is quite blood-thirstily satisfying.

There is some good banter to be overheard between the war mages (of which one tends to be obliviously daft, while the other one is sassy)!
Consideration must be given to the way you want to play as your trap inventory and weapons inventory use up the same slots, so you have to choose what to take with you and find the right balance between in person firepower and passive trap setting.

The Nitty Gritty

Work through the original 18 levels of story mode, play in endless mode to see how long you can last, or amuse yourself with the Weekly Challenges.

In this game, there is an oversized arena, where everything is scaled up to war-like proportions – appropriately, it is called War Scenarios. You will face up to 1,000 orcs advancing on you, use and fear immense siege weapons and oversized traps (called War Machines) and generally see if you can cope with everything being supersized! There are five maps set aside for War Scenarios.

Scramble is a new (semi rogue-like/ lite mode), which was released after the main game’s release. It is a great way to challenge yourself as you must beat five levels of increasing difficulty. As if that wasn’t hard enough, in between levels, you will find yourself under attack, will lose random buffs and may even find yourself being chased rather than needing to defend a Rift!

However, as much as you are dealt random active penalties, there are also new and exciting buffs that boost your existing powers (aka random active bonuses). Scramble only unlocks along with the second story campaign, after you have progressed some way into the main game, so you will have to at least start the main game.

Firing into the crowd is great fun, especially if you set yourself specific targets, or you can use freeze bombs and knockbacks to take out swathes of orcs. There is no real skill needed, just adrenaline boosting button mashing which is really satisfying when you are in the mood for it.

Most orcs are green, and come in a range of sizes, but watch out for purple orcs – these are Fire Fiends who are impervious to freezing and to flames. Another nasty creature to look out for are gnoll hunters who would rather get hold of you than get to the Rift.

As you play, aim for the perfect five-skull score on each map. Mix up your play between traps and combat, letting the traps take out most orcs and then you take care of the rest. The best way to play is with 2 players in co-operative mode, as this allows you to tag team each other, and gives you two pairs of eyes and hands – which can result in double the chance of success!

Traps, Traps, Traps

Types of traps to lay out follow. Remember, you get more points for more damage, so avoid the high intensity quick kills in favour of lengthy drawn-out low damage series of traps, boosting the yield for when you do dispatch them.

  • Arrow attacks – when the trap is triggered a flight of arrows fly out from the walls
  • Spike pits – open up under the orcs’ feet
  • Shock traps – blitz the orcs with lightning/ electricity from above, this has the cool effect of showing the orc’s skeleton while the blast is working on them
  • Spring traps – these tilt the orcs into lava pools or meat grinders, so pay attention to the positioning to make the most of them
  • Spinning saw blades popping out of the floor when you walk along is never fun – except the orcs walk over them and score you plenty of points!
  • Flaming coals – keep things hot for the orcs and make them regret attacking you!
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