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My Time at Portia for PC falls somewhere between a simulation game and a role-playing game, offering aspects of both in a unique and charming package. Civilisation has long past, and it is up to the player to help rebuild it. The loose premise of the game is to become the best builder that there is, thereby helping to restore systems and infrastructures all the sooner.

About the Game

You must begin slowly and painstakingly, gathering rare resources and crafting them into ingredients and components needed for other resources that are needed to create specific things. As you work, you create and discover objects that make your crafting and resource gathering quicker even as the items you need to craft become even more complex.

It is not all creative fun though, there are dungeons to be explored for resources which contain enemies who must be battled and bested before you can get your hands on the precious goodies.

The game is fairly slow paced, but unfolds in time to prevent boredom – but it is seldom fast-paced or frenetic, so you are always in control and able to keep up. The more you play, the more areas are unlocked and the more hints are dropped about as yet unfound resources and crafting items.

You mission within the game is very simple – work hard and become the best builder in Portia. The graphics and gameplay style are very simple, cartoonish but charming, and you will relax into the game, becoming deeply absorbed into the minutiae of this restful and yet interesting game. You are also asked to complete various tasks by villagers, who will respond with gratitude and joy when you oblige them.

Things to Do in Portia

  • Build things: the game does not pressure you to follow the story arc, but it does strongly encourage you to accept commissions to build things. You are free to explore widely, but you may find this a bit boring. By accepting missions, parts of the game are unfolded so you can build in those areas, as well as being able to gather everything you need for the task
  • Fight monsters: the monsters are not exactly terrifying beasts – no sharp fangs, dripping poison etc – in fact an example of the beasts you have to help the villagers with are Panbats, sort of Panda Bat hybrids that sounds absolutely adorable, but really annoy the villagers for some reason. Pro Tip: make sure you craft a noisy boombox to scare the charming pests away with some cool beats
  • Gather resources: each item that you have to make starts with resources, and you might want to devote entire game playing sessions to gathering absolutely everything that you might need, and then spend subsequent sessions on the crafting and building portions of play. This can make you feel as though you are achieving solid goals. Other players prefer to gather what they need as they need it, immediately crafting it and then going out for more
  • Craft resources into components: crafting, like so much, starts out simple, but can get quite complex with very detailed builds needing a lot of resources to be crafted, and then a lot of crafted items to be put together into the components, which only then can be placed into the site and become a building or completed feature, as requested by an NPC (non-playing character)
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