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Imperator: Rome strategy wargame sequel to Europa Universalis: Rome. Set in 304BC, follows the course of the Roman Empire from its origins through a series of wars by Alexander the Great and his successors.

About the Game

The gameplay takes place across a vast swathe of land from the Iberian Peninsula to the Indian subcontinent and boasts a massive seven thousand cities to play in and through. All of the various nations are playable. You play as a nation, rather than as a character, but the dynamics of the game are so good that you can impose a personality onto your motley crew of a population.

These individuals that make up the nation are mostly controllable, but they can rebel unexpectedly – rather like teenage children – and follow their own path for a while, ignoring your best strictures and advice!

The game relies on playing politics, but a politics that is hot and exciting and full of drama: have the Senate pooh-poohed your plans for an almighty war? Bribe, blackmail and schmooze your way through the ‘noes’ until they see things your way. You can even gift one of them a tiger, by way of persuasion!

There are several customisation features including character management, diverse populations, new battle tactics, military traditions, barbarians and rebellions, trades, and provisional improvements.

As in Life: Death and Taxes

The city and nation systems need to be adhered to and it is a foolish man (or woman) who ignores religious views. Keeping laws, religion, politics and social expectations under control will ensure that your population grows happily: and a big population earns you plenty of manpower and research points so that your nation can grow and thrive.

Just as in real life, death and taxes abound: if you start running out of funds for your nation-building projects, you must raise taxes on your populace, and if you have too many wars or battles, you might find your population is reduced: this lowering your resources for expansion for a time. The game is all about gradual increases, and achieving a good balance for your peoples.

How to Grow Your Nation

  • Expand
  • Plenty of marching across the terrain, taking over other, smaller, nations and doing battle with them, if necessary are good ways to gain control of terrain and grow your nation into a massive empire

  • Maintain
  • Keep your citizens happy and thriving with a stable political base, moderate taxes and just enough of a birth rate increase to keep you supplied with workers and soldiers for the foreseeable

  • Sail Away
  • Get into ships and sail off into the deep blue yonder. Navies can explore nearby coasts and battle with pirates for their treasure and other assets. Keep your eyes peeled for expansion packs, rumoured to be out soon, with loads more sea-faring goodies included.

    There is plenty of room within the game’s impressively large open world for other updates and expansion packs to boost the offerings of some of the smaller nations, so keep on coming back to see what the latest improvements are, and find out how you can grow your world empire into a juggernaut of political perfection!

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