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Apollo Red Moon – is a retro sci fi fast paced shooter. That takes action in alternative history. As a member of Apollo Mission, after successful landing on the moon, you were amubushed and taken prisoner by Soviets who builds military base on the moon.
Your mission is to survive and find out what’s going on, establish contact with orbiting comand module and get back to earth.

You have to gather intel, and sabotage soviet structures.

You have to watch out for oxygen levels and other factors that allow you to survive in space

Remeber to keep your suit fully sealed and powered up

Take control on space rovers, armored suit and many more

Choose your patch, stay stealth and deadly or just jump in and destroy everything around

Or maybe it’s just dreams caused by the failure of life-support systems.

Maybe you’ll never make it to the moon
Find out by yourself!

Apollo Red Moon screenshot 1
Apollo Red Moon screenshot 2 Apollo Red Moon screenshot 3 Apollo Red Moon screenshot 4 Apollo Red Moon screenshot 5

Free Download
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