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Trove is a voxel-based sandbox massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) (pixels are 2D, voxels are 3D: cubes, in other words). Choose from one of the many (about fourteen) combat classes, and after a brief but useful tutorial, you will find yourself in the hub of the game (it’s actually called The Hub) from where you can find portals to all the other locations in the game.

About the Game

As the name implies, this game is about gathering goodies for yourself, either to collect or to use. You can win inventory items from non-playing characters (NCPs), other players, or from reward chests after winning NPC battles, with especially good rewards coming your way after you beat the challenging Boss levels.
Most items are added to the library, which sort of replicates your items. So, if you get, for example, a fishing rod, once the item is activated, all the characters on your account can have a fishing rod, simultaneously. Exceptions to this easy sharing rule are: rings, masks, hats and weapons as they are rare and valuable items.
Classes tend to match up with biomes (see more about biomes below). This means that a cowboy, for example, would come from ranch country (there are no cowboys in this game, it is just a spoiler-free example!). But, as in all walks of life, there are some free spirits who do not obviously fit in anywhere: these are great all-rounders, able to cope in any terrain and worth giving a try.

The Nitty Gritty

Each character has two abilities (primary and secondary), one passive abilities and two extra skills which can be used as needed. These auxiliary skills do need a short ‘cool down’ period before they can be used again, so do be sure you have enough regular weapons to cover you during this time.
Your crafting level improves as you do, upgrading from level 50 to the maximum of 250 –with the exception of fishing, which remains the same, no matter what level you’re on. This is because fishing is more like a hobby than a combat skill – and even the most inexperienced angler can hook a whopper! Cornerstones are your home bases and you can move them as you explore the map, keeping all your goodies safe and handily accessible.
The game is colourful, cheerful and relentlessly bright and zany, great for Minecraft lovers and kids of all ages. If solo play has become a little stale, there are clubs that you can join, for some co-operative play.

Biomes to Find

There are several biomes in which to play, amongst them the following:

  • Neon City: a world that looks like the inside of a PC
  • Highlands: fields and forests
  • Fae Forest: dark fairy tale zone
  • Dragonfire Peaks: firebeasts, dragons and lava for all
  • Candoria: a world of sweet treats, cakes and chocolate
  • Treasure Isles: pirates and undead sailors – what more could you want? Oh, yes. Treasure!
  • Permafrost: where things are always chilly
  • Jurassic Jungle: dinosaurs, anyone?
  • There are other biomes too, for you to find, unlock, and explore.

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