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RAWMEN is a light hearted, third person, soup-slinging food fighter. Battle alongside or against your taste buds (2-8 players), pitting average cooks with a talent for hurling fiery feasts against one another.

Compete in various battle modes and challenges that test your pulverizing palate across several locales around the world.

Multiplayer Slap Fest

Jump into a quickplay match and fight off soupsters from around the world, or invite a few friends and get messy together in a private game of your choosing!

Here’s a sample of what’s on the menu:

  • Claim Chowder: Defend the coveted chowder pot from the enemy players to win!
  • Meatball: Jump into the comforting warmth of the juicy meat and roll your way to the goal; just don’t get knocked out, WE NEED THAT MEAT JUICE!
  • Top RAWMEN: Use your doughnut bombs to launch yourself in the air and traverse obstacles, all the while collecting the most prized possession: Golden Bouillon Cubes!
  • …and much more!

Food Fighting at its Finest

Bratling Guns, Cream Pies, Hot Potatoes, Smackeral Mackerels?! and extremely large MEATBALLS?! Yep, we got it! Use a magnitude of food to slice and dice opponents, or propel yourself to greatness, and achieve the unthinkable; a shot at being the Top RAWMEN! YOU COULD BE FAMOUS!

Customize! Customize! Custom Eyes!

Slip into your brand spankin’ new meat chassis and get to work customizin’ your look.

When it comes to fashion, we got you covered with a trunk full of different culinary styles, vibes, and drips. Your soup thrower is yours to design and decorate.
Hair, aprons, mitts, pots, ladles, even beer bellies – honestly, the world is your oyster; decorate to your heart’s content.

Start designing your character now, before we nerf the customizer!

Rawmen: Food Fighter Arena screenshot 1
Rawmen: Food Fighter Arena screenshot 2 Rawmen: Food Fighter Arena screenshot 3 Rawmen: Food Fighter Arena screenshot 4 Rawmen: Food Fighter Arena screenshot 5

Free Download
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