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Rocket League for PC is a vehicular soccer game in which the player controls a car as it punts around a massive ball, aiming to evade the opposition and score goals. Oh, and the cars are all rocket powered! The ball is larger than the cars, adding a satisfactory visual aspect to well crafted strikes and goals.

About the Game

The premise of the game is laughably simple: drive your rocket car at the giant ball and wallop it into the goal: score! Repeat until the game is over and you – hopefully – win. Of course, if this was all, the game would soon become tiresome, but there are enough additional extras, power-ups and cool features to keep you coming back for more and more hours of absorbing driving play.

Certain areas on the floor, which are clearly marked, give you boosts that can be saved until you need them, and the vehicles are remarkably agile, able to both jump and dodge out of the way when necessary. The field of play is a smooth arena with rounded edges so cars have no difficulty driving up the walls and even onto the ceiling.

The cars feel lightweight and responsive and will take you back to the pleasingly acrobatic remote control moon buggies of your youthful Christmases while the ball is pleasingly beefy with a rubbery give to its bounce that is most satisfying to witness.

As well as scoring goals, you earn points by taking out the opposition. They will instantly respawn on the spot, so there is no disruption to the business of shunting the ball around and getting it into the goal. Excellent saves, particularly athletic moves, and getting the ball away from your goal line will also rack up some useful points for you.

The player is usually one of a team of two, facing off against two opponents, but there are options to play one on one and in teams of up to four players per side. You can play by yourself, against AI opposition, but the game comes into its own in multiplayer mode when you are faced with the sometimes random or unexpected actions of other people: something that logical AI struggles to emulate.

Fun Facts about the Game

  • This game is a sequel, the follow-on to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars which turned out to be something of an overlarge mouthful, name-wise. Hence the change of name to the current snappier title
  • Look out for cross over vehicles as you kit out your chosen car. There is a partnership with the much-loved Hot Wheels vehicles, as well as favourites such as the Back to the Future DeLorean, Jurassic World’s jeep, the Batmobile and a host of fabulous super cars as seen in the Fast and the Furious franchise amongst many others
  • You can also play hockey and basketball with your vehicle, you are not limited to soccer. These were originally introduced as seasonal specials, but proved so popular with players that the developers made them into secondary modes of play, available all the time
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