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“Fantavision”, the masterpiece action puzzle game released on console in 2000 is back!
Sparkling images of fireworks exploding on screen and a simple but deep gameplay once you get the hang of it.
The immersive and addictive experience of diving into fireworks has been greatly enhanced with this one-of-a-kind experience.

●Beautiful graphics in full HD and 4K
After 20 years, the graphics have been significantly updated, presenting beautiful fireworks and their surroundings in 4K resolution.

●Compatible with VR! ※You can play on both monitor and VR.
Trigger sparkling fireworks in the starry night!
Get immersed with the VR headset.

●Replay Mode
You can play the game and watch your fireworks from a different perspective in Replay Mode.
Replay mode is also compatible with VR.

Fantavision 202X screenshot 1
Fantavision 202X screenshot 2 Fantavision 202X screenshot 3 Fantavision 202X screenshot 4 Fantavision 202X screenshot 5

Free Download
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