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Our FPS Sci-fi survival crafting PvP game is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth where humanity has been forced to live off-planet on a giant satellite named Orbis. You have been sent down to Earth to gather a mineral called Terrasite that is now humanity’s main source of energy.

In Dysterra, you must gather materials, build your base, craft weapons and items, and gather terrasite to power your base. Work together with other players to build a giant stronghold, or go solo and hunt down other players to work your way to the top of the rankings!

Unique Modes:
– Single Player (offline)
– PvP Servers (online only)
– PvE Multiplayer Servers (online only)
– Custom Servers (online only)

Control When Wipes Occur!

By attacking and conquering facilities (monuments), you gain the ability to extend or shorten the life of your server. Each server has a hard minimum(14 days) and maximum lifespan (30 days) to give everyone a chance to enjoy the server.

Customize your character!

Choose your characters face, skin color, hair style, hair color, and also the design of your machine arm!

Mine materials to build your base!

Mine metal, stone, and terrasite to craft your base, new armor and weapons, and to become the strongest survivor on the server.

Level Up to Acquire New Skills and Abilities!

Almost every action in Dysterra contributes to your skill level. Each skill point you acquire can be used to obtain extra HP, make health items more effective, gain the ability to glide in mid-air, and more! Skill points are reset when the server wipes, so you can use a different strategy to level up each time you join a new server!

Explore Dangerous Underground Areas

Ararat has a multitude of hidden areas for you to explore. Find keys to unlock bunkers, portals, loot rooms, and more to challenge yourself against new and exciting enemies!

Dysterra screenshot 1
Dysterra screenshot 2 Dysterra screenshot 3 Dysterra screenshot 4 Dysterra screenshot 5

Free Download
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