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Free Download Hood: Outlaws & Legends


Hood: Outlaws & Legends for PC is an action adventure game played from a third person perspective and it is a combination of old-time fantasy and a thoroughly modern lack of morals as your prime aim is thievery! The player takes the persona of an outlaw whose aim is to bring down the nefarious ‘State’ by infiltrating their well-guarded and treasure-filled Keep.

About the Game

But there is more to the game that you and a bunch of team-mates trying to take down the Keep and get to the treasure. You, and your band of up to four players (including you) must go head to head with fellow outlaws for possession of said treasure currently snugly in the Keep’s vault.

The heist is in three parts: first, you must steal the key from the sheriff of Nottingham. The Sheriff is a boss character and defeating him signals the end of the first phase. Phase two involves both parties of outlaws being given clues to the whereabouts of the vault, after which the game is on to get there, taking out both enemy outlaws and Keep guards. Once the treasure is yours, you must get to the extraction point safely – and this is the end of phase two.

The last phase is where your personal greed and altruism battle against one another as you decide, à la Robin Hood, exactly how much treasure to keep, and how much you will give to the poor by working the Scales of Justice. Don’t be tempted to be overly generous though, nor yet too stingy! You must keep enough to warrant your continued successes – buying equipment etc, while giving away enough to earn rewards, and for the poor to survive and support you.

Fun Facts to Know

Playing against AI guards and the opposition team and trying to make your way around the Keep, makes for a great PvPvE (player versus player versus environment) game with enough real human interactions to mix it up in a way that computer programming can seldom achieve!

Winning earns you perks, such as level-ups, while clothing and weapons can be purchased with the gold you gain. Get some practise in during training mode, which lets you get to grips with your weapons and controls – but, in training, you are on your own against the AI soldiers which can feel a bit lonely!

Be sure to keep an eye on the AI guards in the game as they respond to intruders and can give you valuable insights into movements that you cannot directly see. Make sure they don’t see you either as they can summon reinforcements and block off areas of the keep, leaving you stranded from your goal.

Four Characters to Play As

Choose one of the following as your own persona, and allow your teammates to choose from the others. You can, if desired, all play as the same character, or each choose a different one.

The latter is recommended as each character has, as you will see, very different and valuable skills, all of which come in handy during the game.

  • Ranger: Robin Hood, the bow wielding marksman of legend. He can shoot explosive arrows
  • Hunter: Maid Marian, a specialist in stealth kills when there are too many guards nearby for comfort. She carries a crossbow and can unleash handy smoke grenades
  • Mystic: Friar Tooke (sometimes spelled Tuck) has a near magical ability to get into places he is not meant to be in, which comes in handy in a locked Keep. He is excellent at supporting your team and disrupting enemies, whether AI guards or opposing human outlaws
  • Brawler: Little John is a best at melee fighting and has a big hammer and not afraid to wield it when necessary. He can also hold portcullis.
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