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Grand Theft Auto V for PC is an action adventure game, the fifth in the GTA series. As with the other games in the series, you score points by committing crimes. The game alternates between third-person narrative and play and first-person play, and you play as three criminals trying to avoid a determined government agency and committing heists. You do not pick just one character to play as, the game’s narrative jumps from one character to the next.

About the game

The game is set in the fictional town of San Andreas which is based loosely on generic southern California life. While much of the game’s scripted action takes place in the city, the world is much larger than previous GTA offerings, and players can explore freely. The city lies in Blaine County, near another city, Los Santos (both also fictional) and all areas can be accessed from the beginning of the game.

Fully Operational Towns!

However, some gameplay needs to be unlocked in the open map area, before you can get the full flavour of what the game has to offer. But it is well worth exploring as you play, or in between the linear missions: Los Santos boasts a fully operational golf course, tennis courts, you can go to the races – there is even a stock market that you can watch for fluctuations. Movie theatres allow you to watch a movie if you want some downtime, or you help to mug (or save from being mugged) an unsuspecting passer-by, you can collect vehicles, or even rob an armoured van – whatever you fancy when the situation arises in the game!

The story is centred around the heist action and there are plenty of shooting and driving scenarios to keep players engaged and interested. Players use melee attacks, explosions and firearms to defeat their enemies, and can drive, swim, run and jump to move around the world. Exploring the wider world, you can even steal planes and fly over the terrain to cut down travel times.

The game is very immersive, almost like an interactive movie rather than a game, with the actions interspersed with plenty of driving conversations and connecting scenes to watch while you wait for your next opportunity to shoot up a bank or commit a heist.

If You Can’t Do the Time…

Your criminality puts a target on your back so do bear that in mind when being lawless! The worse the crime you commit the higher on the ‘wanted’ list you are – and this impacts on how aggressively law enforcement will behave towards you when they catch up with you. If they do!

Make a Feature Film!

Director mode is a new feature of this version of GTA, and it allows you to explore the world as any character but with an artistic, creative eye. You can record pieces of footage, then cut and edit it into a short film – you can do this while still following the narrative arc of the game, or while you are exploring in and around Blaine County. More about Director Mode below.

Be spontaneous – you can buy a vehicle and break into the airport to do wheelies on the runway, only to find an easily accessible plane that you can hop into and fly away, off to elsewhere for a completely unexpected adventure!

Ways to Play

  • Single Player
  • Players must complete the linear missions in order to progress in the game, but it is a matter of individual choice as to whether you blast through all the levels to unlock all areas and upgrades for leisurely exploration of the open world later, or if you want to take your time, exploring assets and areas as they unlock as you savour your journey through the game.

  • Multiplayer
  • A massive online offering where up to thirty players can join in, more about which on Grand Theft Auto V Premium Online Edition

  • Director Mode
  • As mentioned above, this way of playing allows you to make movies. You can opt for humorous montages – slips, trips or close-ups of ridiculous action shots, or let out your inner Spielberg and use the full range of editing and cutting tools to craft high-quality footage.

    The game is rendered with exquisite attention to detail, from the garbage bags littering the back alleys to the splendour of the sunset caught in character’s sunglasses – there is nothing left out and all can be displayed to good effect in your film. However, be warned, if you die while ‘filming’, you lose your footage and have to start again!

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