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Free Download F1 2021


F1 2021 for PC is the 14th game in the franchise by Codemasters, and the first by EA Games – at least since 2003. It traces the world of Formula One racing, adhering closely to the real-world industry, giving racing fans the chance to play out their racing heroes’ best races.

About the Game

The new and improved story mode brings back driver, Devon Butler, along with some other engaging characters (Aiden Jackson and Caspar Akerman amongst them), and unlike previous story modes, it introduces the player to a previously unseen glimpse of life off the tracks as well as on them and in the garages.

My Team, the worthy replacement to Career Mode is back, and has some new and exciting features for you to find and explore. However, career mode is still there for single players who don’t play well with others – or rather who do well with just one friend! (see below for more).

Keep an eye out for qualifying sprint races that add excitement to the game and are great when you only have a short time available to play. And also keep an eye on your driver ratings as these impact on your performance on the track.

What’s New?

In this iteration of the game, two players can work along the almost defunct Career Mode together for the first time. You can choose whether to be allies or enemies depending on what you (and your friend) prefer. This is ideal for solo players or best friends who are not into multi-playing.

It is multiplayer that is the strongest focus of this incarnation of the game. New racecourses have been added, just as in real life, but not the full stable of recent sign-ups to the race as the game was already in production when some of the courses joined up to Formula One.

There are, however, some pleasant surprises in store for fans as far as courses go – and hopefully the full stable is due to come along with later (free) DLCs as has been promised by the game developers.

If you’re not too imaginative or have a special F1 hero, you can use the Real-Season Start feature to play with real-life driver and constructor standings.

Who’s New?

Following the real life F1 upon which the game is based, there are some new and exciting faces in this game.

  • A nostalgic sight for fans of his father, Mick Schumacher is back, but this time as a rookie driver for Haas, having been a free agent before
  • Nikita Mazepin the youthful Russian driver racing under a neutral flag to represent the Russian Automobile Federation
  • Yuki Tsunoda is a Japanese racing sensation who has already caught the eye of several of the Formula One big players, despite his youth
  • Spanish racing sensation, Fernando Alonso returns after a couple of years’ absence
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