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Dead Cells for PC is a roguelike metroidvania game (sometimes called a roguevania game), in which the player takes on the character of a slime-like creature that takes control of a corpse in order to achieve their aims. Roguelike refers to games that tend to be based underground, with dark themes and the threat of permadeath of the player’s character, although some roguelike games have other tendencies within them.

Metroidvania is a portmanteau of Metroid and Castlevania and refers to games which offer a series of rooms or areas which can only be played through after the player has gathered certain items, such as keys, or a series of items that will help to find the key. Occasionally it is certain skills or tools that must be acquired before the player can move on. These games are usually, but not always, side-scrolling.

About the Game

The player, in the above-mentioned, rather grisly guise, must explore the room or chamber in which they find themselves, gathering weapons, treasure and tools as they go. Their way is hindered by a number of undead creatures, who can be found at various points throughout the game.

The in-game currency, known as cells, can also be found, like treasure, and then used to purchase permanent upgrades and to unlock previously unreached levels. However, the player must reach the store in between successfully completing levels: dying during a level causes the loss of all the equipment and cells that the player has gathered but not yet stored.

What’s the Story?

The player is The Prisoner and the game begins with a soldier letting you know that you have been trying to effect an escape from the dungeon in which you are currently being kept for quite a long time. Not to be daunted, you promptly resume your attempt to get out.

As you explore your way through the dungeons, the backstory of the island is revealed: a mysterious plague, called ‘The Malaise’ swept through the island nation, transforming the once-mighty kingdom’s population to mindless husks or zombies. The player must fight his way through to the throne room and kill the king – whereupon the game resets and the player must start all over again.

Once he reaches the throne room again, a startling fact is made clear to The Prisoner, who must put things together in order to set the world to rights. However, everything is not what it seems and the Prisoner will feel as though he is battling himself at times, before all is resolved – or is it?

Playing for Keepers

The various sections of the game are guarded by Keepers who are, loosely, level bosses. There are six of them altogether:

  • The Concierge: the first gatekeeper that the Prisoner comes up against, this monstrous hulk used to be the king’s guard before his subsequent infection with The Malaise, which transformed him hideously
  • Conjunctivious: the very name of this creature sounds painful! Once a bloated corpse, this Keeper has been transformed into tentacled monster of Lovecraftian appearance
  • The Time Keeper: this female Keeper has power over time, and continuously resets every day to prevent her own infection. Her skills might be the key to overall success, you may find, so keep an eye on the time…
  • The Giant: this massive skeleton creature was added via DLC after the game’s initial release and is the Keeper for The Cavern. He reveals a previously unknown fact to the Prisoner: a fact that changes everything
  • The Hand of the King: the king’s personal guard, this Keeper must be defeated before the Prisoner can face off with the king, who is seemingly comatose but still on his throne
  • The Collector: this Keeper will trade you valuables in exchange for cells. Cells can be obtained by being found, as mentioned above, but also from killing enemies whose dead bodies will drop whatever cells they are carrying
  • Blacksmith: Not a keeper, but worth an honourable mention: the blacksmith will upgrade and improve your weapons and ammunition
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