Call of Duty: Black Ops III Free Download

Free Download Call of Duty: Black Ops III


Black Ops III + Nuketown for PC is a first-person shooter game set in 2065 in a world transformed by climate change and incredibly advanced technologies. It is the twelfth Call of Duty game.

About the Game

The game is quite tightly mission-based, with little open world exploration allowed, but there is no sense of being funnelled along and deprived of chances to explore: you do get to grab a moment here and there to enjoy the gorgeous and well-realised scenery.

Weather events like monsoons and sandstorms are accurately depicted and will take your breath away as though you were experiencing the real thing, and they do sometimes interact in the game too, slowing you down or minimising visibility.

A Visit to Psychological Headspace

This edition of Black Ops dives deep into psychological trauma, taking you into the traumatised mind of a long-suffering veteran where hallucinations, time-slips and symbolic messages are everywhere.

The game raises a number of philosophical questions too, regarding the treatment of soldiers by their governments and the relative humanity of robots, AI technology, and augmented humans.


This is an area of the map populated by a lot of mannequins – think the Nevada Test Site during nuclear tests in the 1950s – where the player can go and explore and loot the area. There are some hidden treats, most of which involve shooting the heads, arms or heads and arms off all of the mannequins. Do all of these feats within two minutes of starting and see what happens.

Ways to Play

  • Single-player campaign mode – the game begins with the player being beaten almost to death by a rogue robot. He or she is saved and their body repaired with advanced cybernetic technology, including a DNI (direct neural interface) which allows for information downloads of skills, matrix style – for example, learning to fight and operate equipment without actually being taught those skills, instead the information is just put into his or her brain and is there, ready to use when needed
  • Four-player coop mode – be aware that this mode comes with no save facility, it must be played through from the beginning right to the end. That being said, team up with three buddies and complete missions as a team, working your way over the map, defeating enemies and gathering loot as you go. Each co-operative mission will take around forty minutes, so make sure you have a clear hour before you commit to the game with your mates
  • Zombie Mode – for those who love to spray the bullets and mow down row after row of the undead, this level is perfect
  • Nightmare mode – this is a super thrilling ride for anyone who wants a bit more supernatural horror in their life: it is like campaign mode, but every single enemy is a zombie thanks to the release of a highly infectious virus that has transformed them all! Blast your way through the advancing ranks to stay alive!
  • Multiplayer – you can use a jetpack to zoom over buildings to take your enemies by surprise, or run along a wall to leap down in the midst of the action, and you have full use of all of the hefty weapons that are to be found in campaign mode. Watch out for the other guys though, some of them will have the same or better skills than you, and might anticipate your ambush, springing the trap on you instead!
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